Saturday, January 7, 2012

Want a Perfect Butt? Wanna be super-dark? Read more.....

I discovered a very helpful website.
It lets you choose which part of the body you want to work on, and then tells you what exercises to do! Then it's just a matter of motivating yourself to actually do the workout. lol

I have begun a new chapter in my life. The title? "Airbrush Tanning." I have learned a few things from doing the airbrush tans. 

1) I feel very awkward standing in front of someone naked while they spray me down with fake bake.
2) It's worth it! Airbrush tanning is even better than the Mystic Tan! (Both are pretty awesome because you never turn out orange. You'll always get a lovely glow, and your skin will be a nice beautiful brown.
3) The whole time I am being airbrushed, I'm wondering, "Can she tell I never work out?" Yeah, that's just another reason I need to work out more! I know she doesn't care one way or the other, but hey, it's a pride thing for me.

 I have scared myself time and time again with various "do-it-yourself" spray tans. Some are pretty good, some are awful, but this airbrush tan is perfect every time! 

I wonder if she airbrush tans....I bet she does. Those Victoria's Secret girls are always tanned to perfection! Guess what? I know her brother. He's really nice! 


  1. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog! I love when other bloggers comment and I find new blogs. Your blog looks great and yes I want a perfect butt and a darker tan;)

  2. Aww Thanks! Yeah, I love discovering new blogs too! :)