Monday, January 16, 2012

The New Miss America!

Laura Kaeppeler, Miss Wisconsin, was announced the new Miss America. I didn't watch the pageant, but I wish I had seen some of it. I think pageants are so fun to watch! 

I was in the Miss Teen Fort Worth pageant when I was 17. Oh man......I had no idea what was in store for me! There were so many fake and obnoxious personalities, it was overwhelming, although I did make friends with a few wonderful girls, and for the most part, we had a lot of fun. I came in 6th place, and you know what? I was pretty happy about it! :)  

I watched as one girl literally starved herself for days up until the pageant, and then WON the swimsuit part of the competition. I was sad about that. Starvation should not lead to success! But I will say the swimsuit part of the competition definitely put a lot of pressure on us. And after seeing how harshly the judges judged every inch of our bodies, I understood why some girls were caving in under the pressure. That was the second round of narrowing us down, and let me tell you, those judges didn't overlook any flaws! But anyway, back to Laura, the new miss America!

Laura Kaeppeler will hold her title for a year, with a $50,000 scholarship as well! Her platform during the pageant was supporting and mentoring children whose parents are behind bars. Her dad served 18 months for mail fraud just after she graduated from high school and was preparing to go to college. Poor thing. It would suck to ever have to go through that, but especially in a time in your life like that when you really need guidance and support. 

This girl is GORGEOUS! She makes me want to up my diet and workout and get hair extensions. :)

Speaking of dieting and working out, if any of you were wondering about my weight loss competition with my dad, it's going well. I ran two miles yesterday, did 2.4 miles uphill on the elliptical, and about an hour of weights, legs only. Tomorrow I'm starting a 6 am workout class that will probably kill me, but i'm excited anyway. I've also been eating Weight Watcher's meals, which are sooooooo good! Dieting and working out is really not all that bad. :)

She chose singing as her talent in the competition.

I wore those shoes to prom. :)

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