Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lovely things on sale TODAY! :)

These are on sale for just $23.36 at Macy'
They were originally $89!

These are on sale as well, for $20.47 at Macy'
They were originally $39.00
They come in other cute funky colors too!

More flats! Can you tell how much I love flats??? :)
These are on sale for $25.35, marked down from $39.00
Once again, you can find these at Macy'

Now...just $39.99, originally $99.50, I introduce to you the cutest most preppy jacket...
Unfortunately, the pic is tiny. Sorry, but anyway, you can find this great deal HERE. :)

This adorable dress is on sale for $32.99, originally $49.
You can find it HERE.

Okay, so this next one is a little pricey, BUT it is on sale and I love it.
Originally priced at $228.00 this purse is now marked down to $170.00

I love all three, but especially the first one.
You can find these cute purses HERE.

Originally $108, this purse is now $59.99
I think this purse is soooo cute!!!!
You can find it HERE.

Soooo....Great news! I have lost TWO pounds this week! I know, I know, I said I wasn't gonna weigh myself, but I just had to! Last night, I had soup and salad for dinner, and for lunch I had a little bit of tomato soup. Yummmmmy. :)  Today, lunch will be grilled chicken with mustard. YUM! Anyway, dieting is really not all that bad anymore. I've found that I crave sugar a LOT less. Also, I might be able to get a personal trainer....Not sure. I guess it depends if I can save up the money, but I've done some searching, and I found one who charges $350 for 12 sessions. That's not too bad... I dunno. I can't decide if I should do it or not... Oh decisions, decisions!

I'm doing this!

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  1. I love those snake print wedge sandals! I am definitely going to try Jillian Michael's remedy for losing 5 lbs.