Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inspirations Galore!

I took a pic of myself in a funky-shaped mirror...Sorry. :) It was all I had!
I love this pink cardigan...It's so bright! This lighting does not do it justice! My sister bought this for me from Forever 21. I love it!!!! :)

I think my nail polish looks like a galaxy. :)  

Those were my Nanny's pearls. It's my good luck necklace now. She was such a great person. I'll have to do a post about her sometime. :)

Guess what????

I'm trying a new kind of airbrush tan tonight! 

This airbrush tanning solution is called Norvell One Hour Super Sunless. Ya know how you have to wait to shower after most airbrush tans? Well not with this one! After 1 hour, you have a light glow. After 2 hours, you have a nice medium tan and after 3 hours, you're super dark! You have to shower within 3 hours, no exceptions. I'm not sure what you'd look like if you left it on longer than that, but I don't want to find out! :)

Anyway, I'm really excited about it! :) I'll let you know how it turns out! Better yet, I'll take before and after pics so you can see my results!

Other things I'm loving today......

This dress is soooo pretty! It's $49 at
They also do free shipping on orders over $75. I might have to do some online shopping today. I love discovering new stores! 

I also discovered this awesome ring on an Etsy shop called Hippopotamus Pie. She created it using nail polish! How cool is that??

I don't know where this is from, but I want it! I bet I could make it! Although I say that about something pretty much everyday and never do it. I'm kinda lazy. :)

This is a style I'd like to copy exactly. Isn't that just the cutest purse??

Some more inspirational styles...

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