Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ever turned your hair purple using Shimmer Lights? No Worries! There's an Easy fix!

   So....I have used Jhirmack purple shampoo for years now. It isn't as deep conditioning as Shimmer Lights or even as strong, but it's a few dollars cheaper. But yesterday I decided to myself," Why not go back to Shimmer Lights?" And so I did. The problem is, I forgot you cannot leave it on as long as Jhirmack shampoo. It is MUCH stronger. My result? PURPLE HAIR! And I mean Barney Purple ALL over! I have actually done this before, a few years ago. It was a nightmare. But this time, I decided to calmly look for a solution and not break into a panic!

 I took a tiny bit (about 3 ounces) of bleach from a revlon hair frosting kit, and I mixed it with a lot of Samy moisturizing shampoo (you can find this at any CVS). I scrubbed this mixture into my purple hair and left it on for about an hour. When I washed it out, all the purple was gone and I was left with perfectly toned hair!

  I will continue using Shimmer Lights once a month or so, when I feel like my hair is getting brassy, but I will NEVER again leave it on for more than 2 minutes!