Thursday, January 12, 2012

Red red red Boots! (only ten bucks!!!!)

I got these red boots for $10 at Ross a few years ago, but just days after buying them, my house caught on fire due to a wire shorting out. We lost a room, and EVERYTHING in the house was covered in soot. I mean EVERYTHING. Even me!  Apparently everyone in my family sleeps like a rock, because we slept through a LOT of that fire! My sister didn't wake up until her pillow was on fire! Yeah, we were all very lucky to make it out safely, besides my fav pet who died the next day. :(  But that's another story.

ALL of our clothes, shoes, everything, was sent to be cleaned, and it all arrived a week or two later cleaned and looking new. Somehow, we missed a few boxes though, and those boxes were opened this week. They had been hiding in the garage for years!

I saw my red boots and was SO excited to see them! I'd forgotten all about them! So here they are! My fire-truck-red shoes. You might say they're a little too bright and crazy, but I say the brighter and crazier, the better. :)

I got those gray "jeggings" at Ross too. 11 dollars!

They're almost blinding, aren't they???


  1. i just really love that cardigan....and I think I'm going to try to steal it from you today.

  2. You'll have to pry it out of my cold dead hands! :)

  3. easy... don't underestimate my desire to have that sweater. :)

  4. bwahahaha. Well I suppose you might have a chance to steal it when you're airbrushing me.