Friday, January 20, 2012

Evil Girl admits to Selling Horses to Slaughterhouse.

I read today about a horrible horrible crime. I know that this post does not pertain to my blog, but I am a huge animal lover, so I feel like this should be publicized as much as possible.

A horse trainer from Pennsylvania has allegedly sold 120 horses, possibly more, to buyers for a Canadian slaughterhouse. She is now facing felony charges. 24-year-old Kelsey Lefever was a well-known horse trainer in her area, and she used to be a horse show competitor. 
Kelsey had promised various horse owners that she would find good homes for the horses after they could no longer race. She promised to care for them and retrain them until she found suitable homes for them. Instead, she sent them straight to the slaughterhouse. At the slaughterhouse, the horses would be butchered and sold as food overseas.

Lefever admitted to a friend that she had sold over 120 horses to to the slaughterhouse. She eventually turned herself in and has been charged with deceptive or fraudulent business practices and theft by deception. Her case will be heard in court in early February.
It makes me sick to my stomach to think that all these horses had their lives cut off in such a horrible way. I hope this awful girl pays dearly for this, and my heart goes out to all the horse owners who were deceived by this monster.

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