Monday, January 23, 2012

My New Bracelet, plus some GREAT Product Reviews!

I got this awesome bracelet at Sam Moon! I think it was $13? Somewhere around that. Ahhh that store is so fun and SO addicting! I love all the details, and the color just POPS, and y'all know how much I love bold colors. :)

Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfector Straightening Balm with Argan Oil by Garnier Fructis Style

So I bought this last night at CVS, thinking it might be fun to try something new. Well, I am SO glad I tried it! This stuff is amazing! I rubbed it all through my damp hair, and as I blow-dried my hair, I noticed it was drying more quickly than normal, and I hardly had to brush it. It dried PERFECTLY straight! Now, my hair is pretty straight as it is, but I usually use a straightener anyway, just to make it smoother and shinier. Well, I had no use for a straightener after using this stuff! My hair was soft, shiny and super-straight! I was so impressed that I went in the living room and showed off my new hair to my husband, who was also quite impressed. My hair was so so soft too. Seriously, you guys have GOT to try this stuff! I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!

Something else I love.....

If the container looks kinda wet, it's because it is! I keep it in my fridge! This is Mary Kay Soothing Eye Gel. I got this for Christmas from my awesome sis-in-law, and I was a bit skeptical about it feeling smooth. I mean, it's a gel. Gels are sticky, right? Well not this one! It looks like gel, but feels like a moisturizer! It rubs right into your skin with no residue whatsoever. I keep it in the fridge because it makes it extra soothing. I put this all around my eyes before going to bed. It feels so good and it makes my skin soooo soft! I even dab a little on my cheeks. This stuff really helps to de-puff the eyes and diminish dark circles, which I had last night. I was so happy to use this before going to bed last night and I highly recommend you try it! :)

Lorac Tantilizer - Body Bronzing Luminizer

This stuff ROCKS! My friends Lindsey and Laurie got me this stuff as a graduation gift, along with a ton of other cool stuff from Sephora! This was my fav! This bronzer is amazing, and a little bit goes a loooonnnng way. I just use a little on my cheekbones for a light glow, and then I usually brush a little powder over it so that it blends evenly. It so fun to use, and as you can tell from the pic of my hand, you don't need much! I squirted out just enough to dab on the top of my finger, and it covered half of my hand! That's way more than I'd ever put on my face, but you could put it on this thick on your eyes, which I've done, and it turns out pretty sweet!

Speaking of graduation, here are some pics from my graduation. I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science this past May, and oh, what a great feeling! Now I can conquer the world!!! :)

You know I just had to put sparkles on my cap!

I got my super cute dress at Ross for practically nothing! :) Btw, Dr. Hale was SUCH a cool teacher! 

The parentals. :)  haha  My dad is crazy like me!

One of my good friends! We got the same degree!

Dr. Smith is awesome. I cannot even begin to describe his awesomeness, but man oh man, his class was tough! Look at Brad's sexy smile. You know you agree. :)

The SWEETEST people ever! John and Suhasini are some of my good friends too. We have so much fun together!