Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Rainy Day....

Today has reminded me of a few things. One is that I actually wrote 2 awesome songs about rainy days, and have yet to record either one. (You will hear them someday, I promise!!!)

The other thing I was reminded of is the fact that I no longer own an umbrella. You see, I had quite a few last year, but they were ALL bought from Dollar Tree by my funny yet brilliant Marketing professor, Dr. Smith. In Dr. Smith's class, whoever gets the highest grade on each test gets a prize. The prize was always a Dollar Tree umbrella. Although, on my very last test, Dr. Smith decided to change things up, so he gave me a bow tie made from a one dollar bill.

I had four umbrellas, and each one lasted thru one storm. lol  Just one. But for just a dollar each, I suppose they served their purpose. :)

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