Friday, December 16, 2011

A Stylish Bedroom!

Do you know why THIS is not my bedroom? Because I am married! lol  My husband would probably die if he came home and saw this. BUT it is still fun to look at. :)

He insists that I never decorate with flowers. :(  BUT I suppose I could still pull off this look, minus the floral designs! I think I just might. We are moving soon, and I need some decorating inspiration.

I love how the black mirror, bed post and chandelier POP from the blue wall!
I recently sold...ummm...LOST a bed post at a garage sale.
I was standing by the road with a sign, motioning people to come shop my sale, while my husband was in the yard, finalizing sales. I saw a lady lugging off our old bed post. I said, "Bye. Thanks so much!" And she said, "No...Thank YOU!"  Well, turns out, she never paid for it. She just hauled it off. lol  
Some people.

ps  This is my future bed

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