Thursday, December 15, 2011

My friend Lauren is getting married!

This has put me in "creative wedding idea" mode. :)

Here is a pic of my sister, Erica, (maid of honor) Lauren, (bride) and me (bridesmaid!)  :)

Her fiance designed this ring himself, and included yellow diamonds! I love it! :)

Here are some awesome wedding pics I found for you to enjoy! :)

Now here are some pics from my wedding! :)

Lindsey caught the bouquet. :)

I had the BEST bridesmaids. :)

Dancing with my Paw Paw. :)

Such a fun picture! :)

They decorated my car so beautifully. :) ha

Little did I know that just hours after this picture was taken, I would be engaged to the love of my life. :)

The sweet message Brad had the chef write in the dessert.....

and the sweet message I wrote for him when he left for the bathroom.....

Bridal pic

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