Friday, December 16, 2011

How to Wear Red Lipstick

Often, we see someone wearing bright red lipstick, and think to ourselves, "What is she thinking?!"

I am going to tell you exactly how to wear red lipstick and leave people saying "WOW!" (in a good way)  :)

Be subtle with the rest of your makeup. Your lips are so bold already that you don't want to overdo anything else.

Easy on the eyeshadow (if you wear any at all!) And if you do, stick with creamy light colors like "pearl."

If you wear eyeliner, only line the tops of your lids with black liner, so as to make your lash line appear thicker.

You can go crazy with mascara. It's ALWAYS good to have long lashes!

Don't overdo your bronzer, if you choose to wear any at all. Your red lips will POP better up against lighter tones.

Here are some pictures of people who I believe pull off the look perfectly. :)

One great thing about red lipstick is that it makes your teeth look even whiter!

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