Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hambone Vintage

I found another shop on Etsy! It's called "Hambone Vintage."


I'm a 90's girl. I remember the crazy 90's fads during elementary school. Some were awful, but some were not so bad. They're back in style now! Well, if you are thinking you could use some "vintage" 90's clothes, check out this girl's shop. Here are a few of my favorites from her shop!

See? It's all kinda tacky, yet unique and reminiscent of the past. I like that. lol  Penguins on a cardigan? Yes please!  :)

more 90's.....


  1. hey!:)
    what`s up?:)

    and vintage!!!!!!!:))))))

  2. Yeah, Julia has been a great voice. "Hallelujah" is her cover and this songs is on the record: "Poland …Why Not"; )