Thursday, December 15, 2011

How I made two Halloween costumes from Goodwill supplies!

See those Mickey shorts my husband so sweetly/begrudgingly wore? I made those out of a 50 cent t-shirt from Goodwill. I used another 50 cent shirt to make the shoe wraps and bow-tie. The "buttons" on his shorts are made from another shirt that cost 50 cents as well. I bought a baby shirt for those, as I wouldn't need as much fabric.

My dress is from Goodwill too! It cost 2 dollars. It was floor-length, but I cut it and re-hemmed it with "NoSew" glue. No sewing was involved with this costume. Just "NoSew" glue! I used the leftover fabric for my shoe-bows. The only pricey part of these costumes were the ears. I had begun to make them, but I got kinda lazy, so I bought them for 5 dollars. 5 dollars isn't much, but when you compare that to the rest of the costumes, it is!

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