Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thrift Town

Learn the promotion days and what the various colored tags mean, and you are all set! I have found some amazing things at Thrift Town. I once found a 60 dollar Eddie Bauer cardigan for 7 dollars with the tags still on! It was in PERFECT condition. I'll take a pic in it so you can see!

And the coolest thing about Thrift Town as opposed to Goodwill is that Thrift Town has a vintage section. Every clothing item in that section is 20 years old or older. How awesome is that? I always find the coolest stuff in that section!

This may seem overwhelming, but you will find some treasures, I promise!

See this adorable dress my sweet little niece is wearing? I got that for just 2 dollars at Goodwill!

She is SOOOOO cute!!! :)

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