Saturday, December 17, 2011

My four dollar dress!

I got this dress for FOUR dollars at Rue 21. How, you may ask? Well, it was the very last one, and it was already on sale (50% off), BUT, it had a small snag on the back. I brought it to the counter and asked the girl if there were any more dresses like this. She said no, and I said, well that's too bad cause it's really cute, but this one is messed up. So she gave me an extra 50% off! Niiiiice. :)

I told myself I'd fix the snag.....but I never did. Story of my life. lol  But nobody has even noticed it, so who cares? :)

My plan is to now turn this into a winter dress. I'm thinking....white tights with brown boots, and a long cardigan (not sure what color yet) When I finish the summer to winter transformation, I'll take a pic so you can see!

By the way, my awesomely talented sister-in-law took this picture. She owns a photography studio called Covenant Photography. Go "like" her facebook page. :)

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