Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Weird but Easy way to Remove Green from your Hair

Back in high school, I had a teacher whose name shall remain unspoken, whose hair was always green. She preferred to dye her hair at home, and must've bought the cheapest stuff out there. I always wondered why she never fixed it or if she even noticed the green tint in her light brown hair.

But then again, was there even a quick fix for it? I did not know....

According to many hair stylists, soaking your hair in ketchup can actually help to cancel out green tones. The red in the ketchup counteracts the green tones, and the acid in the ketchup removes the buildup of minerals that caused the green in the first place.

I've never tried it, but if I ever end up with hair like Mrs. J---uh, that lady, I will definitely try the ketchup remedy!

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