Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine's Surprise :)

I pulled up to the house last night, and saw a big heart on the garage, made of Christmas lights. I walked to the front door, and there was a love note taped to it, so sweet it made me cry. When I walked in, my sweet husband, Brad, was waiting at the door to hug me and say he loved me. :) Our song was playing and candles were lit everywhere. He brought me to the kitchen, where he had made my fav food with my fav snack and fav dessert! We had dinner, and then he gave me a rose with a note attached to it. I did a scavenger hunt to find the rest of the dozen roses. Each rose contained the next clue. Then we played my fav board game that I always beat him at. :)  It was a perfect night and I'm so lucky to be married to the greatest guy in the world. :)

I mentioned Valentine's Day a few weeks ago in one of my posts, wondering what my husband had in store for me. I always feel bad because although I am a creative person, I can never think of such creative things as Brad does! He is the Valentine's king! :) I wrote him a sweet poem though, and he really liked it. Oh, and I scratched his back. :) heehee

And in case you're wondering, he surprised me last night, because I thought we were gonna celebrate Valentine's Day today. He likes to catch me completely off guard. :)

Now...time to laugh. :)

If you know the song, it's funny!

Now for some things I love.....

I WANT this jewelry cabinet!

Adorable :) I want one!

I love this. :)


  1. omgoodness!!! how freaking sweet is this!! i love it! your hubby is awesome.

    glad to hear you had an awesome valentines day :)

    1. Thank you. :) He did such a good job at surprising me and making me feel loved! How was your Valentine's day???

  2. OH MY GOD you lucky lucky girl

    and thank you very much for just giving me my dose of daily laughter... the Adele v Gaga cracked my junk up

    I'm tweeting this.


  3. AND I want to do a post about you bc I haven't found myself checking out a blog this much in a long time. I love it and you (if that doesn't creep you out). I couldnt' find your email shtuff. Can you email me? chickadette@gmail.com

  4. this is too funny! Thanks for the laugh!

    new follower and can't wait to read more!

    Much love from over here: http://thellielife.blogspot.com/