Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Don't Give Up!

When you begin to doubt yourself, wanting to give up on your diet, skip out on washing and moisturizing your face every night, decide to not deep-condition your hair or keep up with highlights or maintaining hair color....just look at these pictures. They will remind you that with enough hard work and motivation, you too can look like this. We're all Victoria's Secret angels deep down. :)

Adriana Lima is my fav. She's just plain GORGEOUS. I need to hang this picture on my mirror so that I'm reminded every morning to continue my healthy eating habits and keep up with my work-outs.

I would kill for that hair...seriously. :)

Here's one of the Victoria's Secret beauty regimens. :)

Allllll eyes and lips! So pretty!

Oh how I love red lipstick. :)

I hope you guys are having a great week! Mine has been wonderful so far! Tonight, my husband is taking over at work for me, so I can leave early and celebrate my best friend's birthday. Lindsey is the BEST friend a girl could ever have! :) Happy birthday Lindsey!!!!!

Best friends. :)


  1. Hey dear ♥
    My fav from the victoria's secret angels is definitely Erin, she is sooo pretty!

    Oh and u're very pretty too on that pic with ur friend! Loving the boots!

    // http://taratarina.blogspot.com