Friday, February 10, 2012

Boots :)

Buy these HERE. But be warned...they're $500!
But oh they're so cute. :)

These are also $500. :(  If you're rich.....or frivolous with your credit card, and you want them, you can find them HERE.  :)

I found these for $95. You can buy them HERE.

I found these for $33 HERE.

Get these for just $40 HERE.
Sorry for the tiny pic!

I LOVE these!!! They're only $40 HERE.

These are only $27 HERE!
These might be my favorite too, which is nice because I can actually afford them!

These come in black and brown! Black is my fav! They're only $40 HERE.

I hope you are all enjoying your Friday! Mine is okay....I'm getting sicker by the hour. :/  I have an appointment with the doctor at 4, so hopefully I'll survive until then!!! :)

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