Monday, March 12, 2012

Zooey Deschanel

This girl has got IT! Ya know, that thing that just makes you love her??? She's quirky, funny, cute and stylish. Even when she's dressed dark, she makes herself look like a porcelain doll. Her hair and clothes are quite inspiring, so here are some fun pictures for you to look at! Doesn't she make you wanna go brunette and clip in a TON of extensions so you can have super-thick hair too??? :) I wish I had those big blue eyes!  I have to fake having big eyes, and lemme tell you, it is time consuming!!!

Did you know she's a singer as well? She's in a band called "She and Him." This is her cover of one of my fav oldies. :) Listen to this as you scroll through pictures. She has an old-timey sound you'll love.

It's so pretty, huh? :)

Remember when Zooey co-starred in Elf? BEST.MOVIE.EVER. :)