Friday, March 9, 2012

Spiders=My Biggest Fear

Do you know what scares me more than ANYTHING??? Spiders. And guess what? Yahoo News just brought my fear to its highest point....

This is actually not snow.....It's spiders webs!!!!

This is not a picture from the farm pictured above. It's actually a picture from the middle East, where spiders have done this same thing after a flood. Read on for more info....

Crazy things are happening on an Australian farm in New South Wales. Flooding has caused thousands of spiders to migrate from their homes, up into nature! Trees, plants everything! Not only did most residents of this town have to temporarily move, but so did many wolf spiders. Wolf spiders normally live underground, but of course, during flooding, living underground is impossible, and that is where this "ballooning" has come from. Yes, "ballooning" is a real term, used when spiders create a new habitat made completely of webs, until their natural home is safe to return to.

As creepy as it is, it's also pretty clever of the little guys. They formed their own little, or I guess I should say big city, to live in until their old home is safe again.

Okay, ready to be REALLY GROSSED OUT???

That one dog just said "What the....? Keep me away from that!"

 This happened in British Columbia back in 2002...

Dude!!!! Are you crazy??? Get your hands off that massive web!!!

You wouldn't catch me walking anywhere near this!

Ready for things to get even weirder????

Yeah. All of this craziness was not caused by spiders! Caterpillars were the culprit in this one! Just look at that bicycle!

Okay, I'm sorry. Normally I post things about beauty and weight-loss and yummy snacks. But today, well, I just couldn't help myself. By the way, I've been out with the flu for a while. Sorry for the posting hiatus. :)  I promise I still love you, blogging world, and I will never leave you, no matter how rough things get. Weird. I sound a LOT like my ex right now! :) ha


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    This seems an invasion of spiders!
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    Greetings from Spain.

    1. Thanks!! I'm following Spain now. :) Yeah, it does seem like an invasion. It's so creeeeeeepy!!!