Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Revolve Clothing

My sister sent me a link to this website, RevolveClothing.com. I have to say, it is easy to get carried away on this site. Most everything is out of my price range, but it's fun to look at everything anyway, and get ideas for similar outfits to buy somewhere else. And even if I ever do have lots of expendable money, you won't catch me ever spending $200 on a dress or a pair of shorts. Nope. Not happening! :) But take a look at these clothes. They're pretty awesome. (and SOME are affordable!)

Words cannot describe how awesome this dress is. And unfortunately, the only word I ever use to describe anything I like is "awesome." It's time to expand my vocabulary!

I'd look terrible in these, but one of you can buy them and look good in them. :)

This outfit is awesome. :)

I'd wear this out for dinner in Mexico....a safe part of Mexico on a resort, that is! It's sad how dangerous things are getting over there right now. Last time my husband and I visited, we saw the Mexican police with their huge rifles, standing in the back of a truck at a red light. I know those were the good guys, but let me tell you, it was SCARY! And all the crazy gang initiation stuff going on over there right now just freaks me out and makes me so sad for the people being killed. :(  Wow. I sure know how to go on a rant out of nowhere!! lol

Isn't this so cool???? It's just so different, I love it.

Gorgeous :)

Beach pants! :)

I love the whole look.

This is such a classy, yet sexy shirt!

BIRD pants!!!!!! agggh! Adorable!!! :)

I can't even begin to tell you how awesome this is. :)

They call the color of the swimsuit "Lemonade." It's adorable!

Does this remind you of Cinderella? Or is it just me?
Unfortunately, these shorts are not from RevolveClothing.com  I have no idea where they're from, but I LOVE them! I told my sis that I'm going to learn how to make these, and she said it would actually be pretty easy. She's an artist, so I don't know why I assumed she wouldn't know how to do this! So she's gonna help me create some clothes like this. :)  

Also.....I found this recipe the other day and tried it. It was SO good! My husband loved it especially. I found this on Pinterest, and you can find more yummy ideas at BudgetSavvyDiva.com

Amazing Apple Pie Bites

Recipe type: Dessert
Author: Sara @ Budget Savvy Diva
Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 13 mins
Total time: 23 mins
Serves: 16

Simple Bite Size Apple Pies
             1/2 cup sugar
             2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
             1 package refrigerated pie pastry
             2 tablespoons butter, melted
             2 medium tart apples – peeled – I cut about 16 slices


1.             Combine sugar and cinnamon
2.           Set Aside a 1 Tablespoon of the mixture
3.           Unroll Pastry and brush on 1 Tablespoon of Butter and sprinkle sugar mixture.
4.           Place Apple Slices into the bowl with the rest of the sugar mixture – and mix.
5.           Cut the pastry into strips — about 1 inch wide and 5 inches long.
6.           Wrap one strip around each apple wedge, placing sugared side of pastry against the apple.
7.           Place “pies” on parchment paper lined baking sheet. Brush on the remaining butter and sprinkles with the rest of the sugar mixture.
8.           Bake at 425 for 10 – 13 minutes or till golden brown.

Now, when I fixed this myself, I didn't exactly follow the recipe. I fixed just enough for 2 people, and I used LOTS of sugar and cinnamon, enough to give someone a heart attack. ha  Also, I made the pieces all bite size. I cut the apples into little chunks, not slices, and pretty much rolled them into balls of dough. The result was yummy extra crispy, sugary apple pie bites. I'm sure her recipe is great too, but if you feel like breaking the rules, mine worked pretty well too. :)

Wanna see my next simple food project??? :)

How cute are these???? I think my husband will appreciate the extra touch. :)

Okay. Time to laugh. :)

This will always be my favorite funny post. :) I laugh every time I read it!

Seriously, EVERYONE seems to do this. Why is this "cool???"

Soooo wrong, I know I know. But you laughed. :)

Yeah, you tell 'em how you feel! Wait....