Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Simply Smooth xtend Keratin Replenishing Finishing Gloss

This stuff is amazing! Every time I go to the salon (which is only about twice a year. I love to do my own hair) my stylist puts this amazing product in my hair. It adds shine, it adds softness and it smells wonderful! It smells like vanilla and almond to me. I paid 30 dollars for it at the salon, and I thought, "This stuff better last forever." Well good news. It does! I've had mine for about six months now and I still have at least three of four months of product left. You use only a small amount and it goes such a long way. Right after blowdrying (actually a few minutes before it is completely dry)I put it mainly on the ends of my hair and then rub whatever is left on the rest of my hair. It gives you salon hair every time. Now I don't have to wait until my next appointment to have perfect looking and wonderful smelling hair!

I found it online just for you for only 20 dollars! Here's the link! Enjoy. :)


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