Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to make green eyes POP!

I have green eyes, and I can honestly say I have tried every color of eyeshadow in attempts to make my eyes stand out. :)  I've learned that purple brings out green the best. I mean it REALLY brings out green! I have found that I get way more compliments on my eyes when I'm wearing purple eyeshadow. However, the trick is not to overdo it. Many people like to bring their eyeshadow up close to the eyebrow. Please don't do this! It can make you look like a clown. If you insist on wearing enough eyeshadow to cover all the way up to your eyebrow, then go with something like a silvery white or a pale gold. More of a shimmer than a color. To really make my eyes pop, I skip out on using eyeliner underneath my eyes, and use only eyeshadow. Using both would just be overdoing it!

If you look closely at the picture of me, you can see I used sparkly green eyeliner just on top of my lashline and in the corners of my eyes. If you want some extra glam, it's a fun look for sure!

The Black Palette by Urban Decay has my favorite purple eyeshadow, plus some other fun colors! I really love the Urban Decay Eye Primer as well, because it helps the color of the eyeshadow to show up, and it stays allllll day! It might be a little pricey, but to me, it is worth every penny!

Purple Haze eyeshadow by Urban Decay is on sale right now for $8.50. Here's the link!

Here are some more examples of awesome eye makeup that helps green eyes to POP!

Sometimes, it isn't even makeup that makes your eye color stand out. It's your hair color! This picture of Ashlee Simpson reallllly makes me want to dye my hair! Look at her green eyes! Red is a complementary color of green, as an artist would tell you, and your face and hair are the perfect canvas to use these complementary colors!

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